MVI's professional staff is comprised of full and part-time employees, consultants and independent contractors -- each selected for their specific knowledge and broad range of experience in the government and commercial contracting arena. Their diverse backgrounds include Corporate Executives, Government Contracting Personnel and University Instructors from industries as varied as Manufacturing, Aerospace, Professional Services, Information Technology, Logistical Support, Financial Services, Health Management, International Assistance, and Educational Services.

Production Technology, Inc.

Marlin Ventures has proved to be the perfect solution for PTI -- high quality, professional expertise on an as-needed basis.

John W. McInnis


  As MVI's President and CEO, Janeene Rider oversees all contracts and subcontracts management consulting assignments. Vice President of Operations Jim Rider oversees all business development consulting and proposal preparation assignments.
The background and credentials of all employees, consultants and subcontractors assigned to a specific project/client are available upon request.